What We Do

Thusananga HBCA  provides the following:
  • Palliative and end of life care to the terminally ill   

  • HIV/Health awareness workshops on farms, schools, clinics and prisons

  • Education for individuals including health care professionals that have contact with patients with HIV/AIDS through the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation training programme
  • Practical support for HIV+ people and their families in the form of food parcels, blankets, coal (during the winter months), walking aids and wheelchairs
  • Benefits advice

  • Advocacy (ensuring equal human rights to HIV+ people)  

  • Support, encouragement and workshops for people taking anti-retroviral drugs

Khaya Lokukhanya Cluster Foster Home

Khaya Lokukhanya (House of Light) or KL as it affectionately called is a real home for 17 children, most of them orphaned by HIV. There they are cared for by 3 foster mothers and the project as a whole is run by Tersia Gerber, a senior social worker and her auxiliary, Mongesi Motleleng.

KL can take up to 18 children but our aim is to keep vulnerable children in the care of their own families within their communities. Only when it is impossible to foster a child within their own family, does the social worker place them at Khaya Lokukhanya.

Feeding, washing and educating 17 children doesn't come cheap! The foster mothers and social workers receive a small incentive or stipend each month, as do the Thusananga HBCA volunteers.

To find out how to sponsor a child please click here

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